Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

G. Robinson

Passion for Perfection is a key driver of business success.

RPI’s inception in 2013, had been initiated by my consistent passion for perfection and focussing on cutting a new path in providing quality housing, converging the best in convenience and contemporary design. As a young corporate, we are creative, ambitious and bold. We endeavour to shape our destiny and set rock-solid fundamentals not by emulating the examples set by others. We have always believed in a creative and pioneering approach to business.

The continuous growth of Kerala’s traditional economic sectors — trade, retail, hospitality, aviation and tourism — was a positive force in launching RPI. The construction business is re-activated, more job opportunities have been created, and the housing sector has been elevated to new heights.

Our Core Competencies – Creating Prime Real Estate Asset:.

While RPI’s commitment to business segmentation to support our integrated communities remains strong, we place the highest emphasis on our core competency of creating prime real estate assets. This is has been reflected through the launch of our Magnum Opus Project — Impact Milestone.

Corporate Social Responsibility :

We believe that it is extremely important as an organization to be willing and able to respond to rapidly changing conditions. In this, we remind ourselves that while profits-led performance is important, we also need to build long-term customer relationships and create value for the communities we serve.

As a premier property developer, our foremost responsibility will be to create prime real estate assets through master-planned developments that also serve as economic growth engines. In Kerala, we will leverage the market buoyancy and develop iconic projects that add to the State’s civic pride.

The Journey Forward

We are at the dawn of a new economic cycle. While challenges will prevail, today, there is a stronger sense of hope, optimism and confidence, especially in Kerala and other markets. Performance backed by purpose and social responsibility will be our watchwords in this new and exciting journey forward.

With your support, we can further consolidate our strengths as one of Kerala’s most valuable companies that also reflects the cosmopolitan, visionary and innovation-driven outlook of Kerala and its leadership.

– G.Robinson
Impact Group

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