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The Trivandrum City Road Improvement Project (TCRIP), the venture of Kerala Road Fund Board includes a 42 km extend of streets in Trivandrum city which was defined with the goal of simple development of vehicular movement which has expanded alarmingly. The project will be finished within couple of years and give well being to passerby activity by building clear ways in Trivandrum. The venture separated from giving better streets has likewise got underpasses, flyovers and over extensions in its privilege design. The venture on fulfillment will contain three ring streets in the city.

Technopark, Trivandrum

Technopark is an innovation stop in Thiruvananthapuram, Kazhakutom, Kerala, India. It is the biggest Information Technology stop in Asia regarding developed region. The recreation center is devoted to IT wanders. Propelled in 1990, Technopark from 2015 has 9.33 million square feet of developed region, and is home to more than 350 organizations, utilizing about 60,000 experts. Technopark is as of now on a development mode by including another 37 hectares as a major aspect of Phase III extension and 423 sections of land as Technocity—a coordinated IT township close to Pallippuram. The arrangement of financial advancement started by the legislature of India in 1991 and the fast development of the worldwide programming industry amid the 1990’s considerably added to its development.

The Sports Hub, Trivandrum Kazhakutom near to Technopark

The Sports Hub, Trivandrum is the new benchmark in the scene of games framework in India. Utilizing more than 37 sections of land, it is a totally coordinated games and relaxation complex, the first of its kind in India. Yearningly imagined, carefully arranged and executed, it is good to go to end up noticeably a historic point on the world games delineate. A genuine marriage of shape and capacity, it is outlined and intended to not simply turn into the main decision for facilitating national and global wearing and excitement occasions, yet in addition a dynamic problem area for the city of Trivandrum. With various roads for stimulation and social engagement for the whole family, including a universal standard clubhouse and a dynamic retail enclave, it will be a dynamic social goal for each of the 365 days of the year. It is an eminent tribute to the donning perfection and rich social history of Kerala.

It is here that genuinely Life will meet Action… . consistently.

The centerpiece and pride of the whole complex is the ICC and FIFA agreeable cricket and football stadium. It has been intended to give a global quality ordeal to the hosts, the entertainers and in addition the watchers. The Stadium at the Sports Hub is outlined as per the “Manual for Safety at Sports Grounds
It meets each security, fire, access and solace standard as stipulated by worldwide bodies, yet giving an awesome and continuous view to the observers. Along these lines, it is an ideal setting to have any games or stimulation occasion.